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Weekly Musings

16 07, 2019

Will the FED cut? Some notes from recent economic data.

2019-07-16T15:31:28-04:00 *These number change constantly. This is as of 7/16/2019 8:09am. The above are probabilities of a fed move implied from the market. The probabilities are derived from the OIS markets. The chart shows that the probability of a 25bp July cut is 124% (a full cut and some). The probability of a [...]

Will the FED cut? Some notes from recent economic data.2019-07-16T15:31:28-04:00
14 07, 2019

What is Sales And Trading?


What is Sales and Trading? Many people on Instagram and on forums say they want to get into sales and trading as a dream job but don’t even realize what it really is. I will help you break down what sales and trading really is and the different types of seats that exist in there [...]

What is Sales And Trading?2019-07-14T13:59:40-04:00
10 07, 2019

Wine guide for your first Wall Street Dinner


Wine guide for your first Wall Street Dinner with your Managing Director Imagine you have been working super hard all day every day. Grinding out the hours while you see your associates and VP’s going out with clients, your managing director and talking about their amazing dinners and the great wine and whiskey they had [...]

Wine guide for your first Wall Street Dinner2019-07-11T17:23:09-04:00
10 07, 2019

US-China Trade War : A Game Theory Approach


US-China Trade War US-China have been moving towards a “war” scenario for quite some time. There are two great ways to model this. The first being the Thucydedes Trap. The story is a small one. But as China challenges America’s predominance, misunderstandings about each other’s actions and intentions could lead them into a deadly trap [...]

US-China Trade War : A Game Theory Approach2019-07-10T16:52:49-04:00
10 07, 2019

The Future of Fixed Income/Trading


The Future of Fixed Income Sales and Trading This is a question I get asked quite a bit from people looking to break into wall street, especially Sales and Trading (S&T). Given the heavy automation in equity trading will fixed income become almost fully automated soon or is it there already?  First and foremost one [...]

The Future of Fixed Income/Trading2019-07-10T16:27:15-04:00