So, obviously with the great reviews of my last article about Sales and Trading I was bombarded by people to do one for IBanking. Now obviously I am not an IBanker so I reached out to my friends who are IBankers and professors in the area and got you guys the best of 30 different people in Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisition, and Ibanking MD’s research topics and ways to increase your odds of getting into one of these divisions/programs.

Make sure you read the previous article for all the details on how to go about research projects and papers and formats.

Here are some topics with some details to help your resume and interview stand out from the rest of the crowd:

  • A study of equity offering to see if underwriters systematically set offer prices too low
  • The relationship between the premiums in take-over bids involving exchange-listed target firms
  • What is the cost of insider trading?
  • What are the cross-country determinants of M&A activity?
  • Exchange rate risk on stock markets
  • Profitability of takeovers – A Study
  • Returns from hedge fund activism in publicly traded companies
  • Determinants of a leveraged buy-out in emerging markets
  • An empirical analysis of leveraged buyouts from 2000-2008
  • A study of M&A and driver in BRIC countries

Goto and search some of these topics to read the literature out there already on it.


Additional Methods: 

Although the above are research topics to work on here are some additional ways the professionals in the industry, I surveyed said you can get ahead of the rest of the competition when looking at investment banking jobs:

  • Come up with a hypothetical M&A transaction. A strategy buy articulating the findings and explaining why company A would buyout/merge with company B and modeling out New Company post transaction
  • Create a pitchbook detailing a transaction with standard flow. Come up with the company profile, thesis behind the transaction, industry analysis, comps. Etc.
  • Create an LBO for a company that has been potentially exploring going private (management expressed interest in prior earnings call, etc


Part 2 Going up next month